Horseshoe Rebrand

A whiskey in one hand. Two aces in the other.
Victory just one card away. How will your legend unfold?


We created a new, edgy Horseshoe brand that touched on their roots of skilled betting thrills, while speaking to the modern gambler aesthetic.

Horseshoe had lost its way.
In 1951, Horseshoe opened up in downtown Las Vegas. It was the first casino to accept any bet and promoted itself as “Making it right for the Gambler.” The brand had swagger in its step and seriousness at its table.

The recent years found Horseshoe without grit or style.

Plain ads with an unenthusiastic voice faded into the background. Their black look made Horseshoe appear dated and drab. It needed its edge back.

The Horseshoe character.
Picture the swagger of a cowboy, the look of a cutthroat business person and the demeanor of an inclusive leader. Their ideal guest doesn’t just sit at the table, they test their mettle against all the other gamblers to prove their worth.

Their new story.
During discovery and strategy, we found that the new Horseshoe brand could go off in several different directions. We showed the client three directions: a historical one based off of the original Horseshoe, a modern twist with an irreverence that would appeal to a younger crowd and a sophisticated version with grit tempered with a little edge.

The client picked the final version where we challenged the Horseshoe gambler to ‘grab life by the dice.’

ADDY Awards 2021
Integrated Branded Content Campaign
Horseshoe Brand Campaign

Designer/Art Direction: Tracy Alkire
Design Director / Group Lead: Derek Weishaupt
Copy Writer: Chris Helsabeck & Jennifer Whitehair
Photography: Steve Beaudet