Horseshoe Rebrand

A whiskey in one hand. Two aces in the other.
Victory just one card away. How will your legend unfold?


Since 1951, Horseshoe has been a leader in gambling and customer satisfaction. All of our communications speak to the Horseshoe guest about the ultimate gambling experience they will have. From our voice that is authentically from a gambler’s point of view and filled with swagger to the dramatic photography that captures these genuine moments. Using strong directional lighting, we highlight the heroes and capture their anticipation in the scene which feels immersive and experiential to the viewer.

ADDY Awards 2021
Integrated Branded Content Campaign
Horseshoe Brand Campaign

Designer/Art Direction: Tracy Alkire
Design Director / Group Lead: Derek Weishaupt
Copy Writer: Chris Helsabeck & Jennifer Whitehair
Photography: Steve Beaudet