Chris Helsabeck

Senior Copywriter

The most captivating stories keep you on the edge of your seat, and every great brand has one. Let me tell yours.

What do you tell people about your company? What do you think your customers say about you? Every time one of them uses your service, posts about your business online or proudly takes your product with them on vacation, they add to your brand narrative. They express qualities about your company to the world that increase your market value.

As a copywriter and tabletop gamer, I love to help companies form their brand character. I get a genuine thrill from developing strategies that shape the world their story lives in, and launch campaigns their customers can’t wait to play with.

The greatest campaigns come from really listening to the client. Really hearing what they want to tell the world, and then getting started.

The best part about my job is delivering the final product and having the client say, “I love it. This is exactly what I wanted.”

Some clients that have joined my table to tell their story include:

Caesars Palace
Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant
Cape Cod Potato Chips
Maryland Lottery
Tic Tac

A little bit more on my character.

I love sci fi fantasy, buffalo wings, anime, movies, learning, teaching, the rain, laughing with friends and the connections that only come with showing empathy. In my spare time, I write a sc-fi story and tabletop game that I’ll talk about endlessly if you let me. I also take on small business clients, helping them with their online brand and social media strategies. I’ve lived up and down the east coast and ping ponged around the continental United States. I hope to travel to Japan, Ireland and around Europe soon-ish.

If you would like my services for strategy, branding, campaign launch or copywriting, please reach out.

To view my linkedin, click on the link below.