Voodoo Steak Rebrand


With a name like Voodoo Steak, you need to show flavor down to the bone right in the ad.

It was lonely at the top.
This lounge sits on the roof of Rio, right off the Las Vegas Strip. It needed to draw eyes to it while delivering a taste of what you could expect. Locals visit Rio everyday with hoards of convention goers passing by each weekend, but traffic to Voodoo Steak languished.

We needed a campaign that showed what the experience was like, give a sense of the space and put the guest in the mindset of a steakhouse with mystique.

Just what the doctor ordered.
Exploring different ways we could portray Voodoo Lounge led to a fun voice and flavorful overall concept the client has now used to draw in the locals and out-of-towners for years.